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Our Mission
"To achieve extraordinary customer satisfaction by providing managed contract services to world class standards of capability and performance. We shall continue to retain profits to invest in people, technology and systems so that we meet consistently our commitment to company policies and maintain our status as a preferred supplier to all our clients."

Focussed Continuous Improvement Across all Business Metrics
Continuous Improvement is a common and high priority facet of all of our internal processes and systems. We believe that only careful monitoring and analysis of our own performance, and that of our Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety systems, can enable us to provide best practice and efficient services to our customers.

Empowered Employees
All of our employees have proven success in their area of expertise and we are committed continuing their development through provision of effective and pertinent training. We are dedicated to training and improving our personnel, for the benefit of the company and the individual.

Working in PartnershipÖ with You
We do not operate contracts for quick financial gain, establishing partnerships with our customers is a key element to providing successful and well tailored service solutions which allow for your individual requirements. We take care to ensure that our services not only fit your operational needs, but your commercial, political and organisational requirements as well.

Certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems
Our Quality Management System forms the core of our philosophy of continuous improvement. It is the backbone of our methodology and has been designed to ensure that our Environmental and Health & Safety systems are used to provide high quality, continuously improving, cost effective, safe and environmentally secure services to our customers. We are committed to the protection of our environment and the preservation of the planetís natural resources and ecosystem.

Safety First - always
Health and Safety is a prime concern for M&R Facilities Management Ltd, as it should be for any company. We operate a full Health & Safety Management System which, although not currently developed around the ISO18001 standard, provides comprehensive and complete guidelines for the management of Health & Safety through-out our organisation. Many of our customers recognise our dedication to Health & Safety and our commitment to a 'safety first' culture - protecting our most valuable assets, our people, and those of our customers and the public.

Units 11 - 13 Telford Road, Thornton Industrial Estate, Ellesmere Port, CH65 5EU  TEL: 0151 357 1901   FAX: 0151 357 1902
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