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10th May 2006
BVQI award ISO 9001 certification to our quality systems

17th January 2006
M & R awarded Gold Award for Contractor Safety at Airbus Broughton.

8th December 2005
New look website launched

20th November 2005
M&R opens new office in Broughton to enhance customer support

11th November 2005
BVQI award ISO 14001 certification to our environmental systems



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Power Generation

Click here to view our Quality Policy Statement (Adobe tm PDF Format 127Kb) Our Quality Management System (QMS), designed against the ISO9001:2000 specification, forms the core of our philosophy of continuous improvement. It is the backbone of our methodology and has been designed to ensure that our Environmental and Health & Safety systems are used to provide high quality, continuously improving, cost effective, safe and environmentally secure services to our customers.

Customer Appraisal
We regard our clients’ feedback as an invaluable measure of quality and provide as much opportunity as possible to invite objective feedback. Our quality system has been designed to maximise the potential for improvement which our customers can provide.

To facilitate integration of a customer’s opinions into our quality data, our Quality Management System provides three levels of mechanism to suit the varying requirements of the types of contracts, one-off project works and customers we have.

Project & Reactive Appraisal
Due to their flexible nature, project works and PPM / Scheduled tasks which we perform on a less frequent basis are primarily assessed before the customer is asked to ‘sign-off’ the work. We have integrated our Customer Appraisal and Works Sign-off forms to provide customers and their representatives with greater opportunity to provide feedback at a point when evaluation of the work we have done is pertinent to them.

Our ‘Sign-off / Approval Form’ represents a central point which ties several aspects of our QMS together, providing a single point of reference and ‘flow’ between elements of our system. The form first details the actions of M&R Facilities Management’s representative in relation to any defects and corrective actions which may be required before we ask our customer to accept the work we have done.

If any corrective actions are identified, they are dealt with using our 'Concern and Corrective Action' process. Once all corrective actions have been properly addressed, they are signed off by our manager who would then request final approval and appraisal of the work by the customer.

Service Appraisal
For service contracts where we provide a service on a continual basis, we prepare weekly ‘Service Appraisal’ forms. Contracts are often divided into logical units to help streamline the process and appraisal forms are often completed by more than one person within our customer’s organisation to ensure that the feedback we are getting is relevant and accurate.

Commercial Appraisal
These two methods have been developed to gain insight into our ‘operational quality’, but we also conduct regular postal appraisals which target our customer contract managers. This type of appraisal helps to ensure that customers at every level can contribute to the assessment of M&R’s service quality, regardless of whether they are concerned with the quality of our workmanship or the more commercial aspects of the service we offer.

Concern and Corrective Action
Your opinion matters to us, but where is the sense in asking for your opinion of our services if they don’t meet our own stringent standards of quality control? Our appraisal systems incorporate a structure for the internal review of our products and services before we ask what our customers think.

If things go wrong, identifying causes, actions required for rectification and adjusting our systems and methods to remove the potential for recurrence is what really matters to us. We conduct a detailed investigation and root cause analysis of all problems and defects, with a view to learning and continuously improving the way we work.

Quality, Performance and You
The reporting of quality, cost and performance data is an area of our systems which we tailor to the requirements of a particular site or customer. Although much of the data we use is collected in the same way across our sites and contracts, we try to ensure that our system is applied in the most effective and informative way which fits the prevailing business requirements.

We also produce accurate and timely cost analysis reports which can conform to your budgetary parameters. We will tailor our analysis to ensure that the information displayed not only fits our needs, but yours as well.

Supplier Assessment and Management
Supplier assessment is an important part of our quality management process. The quality of our equipment and raw materials is vital to our end product and to the achievement of imposed or necessary milestones in each process. The ability to react quickly in the event of breakdowns to ensure our client's production can resume in the minimum possible time is something we pride ourselves on and this can only be achieved by ensuring our suppliers can also contribute and react quickly.

We operate a continual assessment of all of our suppliers and they must not only demonstrate their commitment to providing quality products and services, but also ensure that they respond efficiently to any commercial requirements which may arise.

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